My First Day with the Yankees

My story for “The Moth” about my first day of work as a Yankees bat boy, Opening Day 1992.

Recorded in 2003 before a live audience in New York City.

Matthew McGough – My First Day with the Yankees (right-click to download as mp3)

As for the game itself, Scott Sanderson started for New York and Roger Clemens for Boston. The 1992 Yankees’ Opening Day lineup:

1. Randy Velarde SS
2. Don Mattingly 1B
3. Roberto Kelly CF
4. Mel Hall LF
5. Danny Tartabull DH
6. Matt Nokes C
7. Jesse Barfield RF
8. Charlie Hayes 3B
9. Pat Kelly 2B

This clip below from that day’s TV broadcast likely aired just as I was walking back to the clubhouse, ready to concede defeat in my quest for a left-handed bat-stretcher. In hindsight, I’m lucky I didn’t interrupt DeWayne Staats to ask if he’d seen one, or otherwise appear in the background looking lost and clueless.

Though the Yankees beat the Red Sox 4-3 to start the 1992 season with a win, they finished 76-86, 20 games behind the Blue Jays, who eventually won the World Series. No one would have bet on it at the time, but the Yankees have not had a losing season since.


  1. Lucille
    Posted September 5, 2011 at 9:48 pm | Permalink

    What a wonderfully inspiring story about persistence and the courage to not give up for something you really want to accomplish. My 16-year old son loves the Yankees and is reading this book for his summer reading assignment. I hope it will instill in him that sense of not giving up to get something that you really want.

  2. mikki frost
    Posted May 27, 2014 at 5:36 pm | Permalink

    Running errands and had the pleasure to hear your story on NPR.I shared with several. As a baseball mom who has spent alot of hours at hot/cold/rainy/windy ball park, eating sunflower seeds and hot dogs and counting these as the best days of our family history. My son played at Kansas University in 2001-2006 (Kevin Wheeler)-he is a Cubs fan though…:) thanks for a smile, belly laugh and resurrection of great memories Mikki Frost-Omaha, Nebraska

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