Bat Boy: “Clubhouse”

Here’s a review from the Washington Post of CLUBHOUSE, the 2004 CBS TV series based on my Yankees memoir. The show starred Jeremy Sumpter (currently in “Friday Night Lights”) as myself, Christopher Lloyd (“Back to the Future”) as my surly boss, and Dean Cain as a Don Mattingly-esque figure. 11 episodes were produced.

The pilot (streaming below) includes the Hollywood adaptation of my Opening Day bat-stretcher story, among other personally bizarro moments. It was filmed at Dodger Stadium.

This scene from the “Old Timers Day” episode — a dramatic confrontation between the team’s equipment manager (played by Christopher Lloyd) and a Hall of Fame baseball legend (guest star Billy Dee Williams) — is my single favorite artifact from the show. One day I will write about how exciting but incredibly surreal it was to witness my high school experiences mined for episodic television. Until then, this clip will suffice. For the record: Old Timers Day was always a raucous one in the Yankees’ clubhouse. But I never witnessed any fistfights over moisturizer.