Interview in Dagbladet newspaper

My last trip to Norway, I met a reporter for the Oslo newspaper Dagbladet who was taken aback that an American writer would be so interested in what he imagined to be a local story. I explained that I was there to conduct interviews, not to be interviewed, but he would not be dissuaded. Here’s the resulting article (and a rough English translation):

USA-book on Norwegian crime

The American screenwriter Matthew McGough is writing a book about the Munch theft and NOKAS robbery.

The American heard about the Munch theft in 2005. As he was interested in art he became intrigued by the story, which eventually ended well.

“The investigation has showed that the Munch theft and NOKAS robberies are connected, and thus I became interested in both crimes,” McGough told Dagbladet.

Gathering information

The book will be released in the U.S., but Matthew McGough so far have much research and follow-up again.

“This is the third time I am in Norway to gather information. I’ll talk to the police and other people related to the investigation,” says McGough.

“After the Mona Lisa, The Scream is the world’s most famous painting. The theft from the Munch Museum was a world headline.  I visited the museum after the theft, and was stunned by the security.  It was like checking into an airport,” said McGough.

As he was interested in art and later as a friend of Norway, he followed both the Munch theft and eventually the NOKAS robbery, as it turned out that they had branches to each other.

“This is not fiction, but a documentary, non-fiction book,” he says.

Fascinating crime mystery

McGough is trained as a lawyer, but works as a screenwriter for Wolf Films and NBC Universal with the TV drama series “Law & Order,” known in Norway as “Law & Order in New York.”

“This is something different than writing television.  I do not mix these cards, and I have not yet been inspired to create a screenplay of the thefts.  But together I think these two crimes make for a fascinating true crime story.”

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